Funeral Celebrants And Ministers

A personal service

The appointment of a celebrant or minister to lead the funeral service is vitally important. Halliday's will put you in contact with someone who we believe would suit your family. We have a number of local celebrants for this. They will plan the running order of the service and ultimately, should create a service which will provide a meaningful and enduring positive memory.

We believe a modern funeral service should draw out the personality of the individual who has passed away, reflect upon their journey that made them the person they were and capture their sense of humour by relaying a few tales and bringing it all together, painting a picture of their life story. In addition, we understand it is important to reflect on what has happened, the love people had for the individual and give thought to the nearest and dearest left behind, all in a personal way and taking their religious or spiritual beliefs in to account.

We understand the importance of following the wishes of the deceased and their families. Some will have a relationship with a particular church or even minister and have hymns and religious readings in mind, others may not want a religious ceremony at all and some may have named an officiate prior to their passing; all of these are quite normal and can be arranged.