Our Fleet of Cars

And Something different

We operate a modern fleet of Mercedes vehicles

Primarily on our fleet are the funeral hearse and funeral limousines which are black Mercedes vehicles, all with our distinctive ‘FHH’ number plates. Our cars are something Halliday's are very much proud of. Every car that goes out on a funeral is detailed and polished by trained car valeters for every funeral whatever the weather, a small touch which most funeral directors do not do, we have new fully equipped garages to assist this.

The Mercedes V-Class following cars are the very best in its field; they are distinctive and graceful vehicles that holds the eye when they pass. They also allow for much easier access than traditional limousines as the sliding doors open the whole side of the car, making getting in and out much less of a struggle. They seat 6-7 passengers in three rows of seats, separated from the chauffeur. Fully air-conditioned and with all the latest equipment, this is a vehicle of the highest comfort and reliability. There are also options for traditional limousines available.

Our fleet also includes discreet funeral ambulances designed for the collection of a deceased from the place of death which are also Mercedes. Private ambulances are often forgotten about with most funeral directors using standard vans, while we have opted for Mercedes, making Halliday's fleet the very best but affordable.

Our latest addition is an electric vehicle with the new Mercedes EQV. A fully electric following car designed for carrying passengers in the quietest way possible whilst being much more eco-friendly.

Alternative Vehicles

Alternative transport is not unusual, and we can arrange this for you. Below are two popular choices. F H Halliday can facilitate almost any individual request such as a tractor, vintage lorry, Land Rover hearse or even a Rolls Royce hearse.

Horse Drawn Carriages

Over the years we have welcomed a number of horses to assist us with the funeral procession. We can provide families with a variety of horses and carriages with ease as we have plenty room on site for the preparation. Choices of black or white horses are available. Please contact us for more information.

Motorcycle Hearse

F H Halliday's can also arrange for motorcycle hearses, essentially a motorbike with a purpose-built sidecar. A variety of models are available. Please contact us for more information.


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