Headstones and Memorials

If a burial has taken place or is planned, either for ashes or full burial, usually a gravestone will be commissioned as a mark of respect. Selecting a memorial is something that does not have to be rushed as it will take some time before the ground becomes stable, in the meantime we can provide a temporary wooden grave marker which can later be replaced. If you  visit the burial plot, which you might have purchased, You may wish to look around and consider the choices others have already made, it might give you some idea of what memorial you like. Additionally, you can see how each stones weathers over time.

Its important to know that there are restrictions on what memorial are allowed in the burial site of interest. You may be governed by the cemetery on what is allowed. In particular churchyards, only specific materials and designs are permitted.

F H Halliday’s currently do not have a stonemasons on site, instead we work closely with a memorial mason, who is called Kelvin Palmer Memorials. Restorations can also be arranged through Kelvin. His details can be found below.

Kelvin Palmer Memorials
24 The Scaurs
BS22 6QP
01934 514992 or 07930 031220